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Torquay United

While this blog is intended to be non-partisan, my loyalty is clearly to the Gulls and it would be remiss of me not to cater for my fellow supporters. This page is designed to share useful resources that I’ve unearthed on the web; I’ve probably not found everything, so contributions are welcomed.


One useful output from the above search has been the number of fellow Gulls fans I’ve found on Twitter. I’ve set up a public list for these which you can access at If you’re a tweeting Gulls fan not on this list, or you know of others who aren’t then please let me know.

There are also quite a few current and former Gulls players on Twitter: again I’ve set up a public list which you can find here: I doubt I’ve got all the ex-Gulls, so again contributions are welcome.


If you want to interact with other Torquay fans, there are two forums that you can join: and Torquay Fans Forum. They’re both quite active and are often valuable sources of information and opinion.

I’d also strongly recommend The 72 and The Two Unfortunates for regular and excellent coverage of all football league clubs.


One comment on “Torquay United

  1. Louis of
    February 18, 2012

    Thanks for the link reccomendation, such a great site and really enjoyed watching your video.
    Louis of

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