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An announcement

Regrettably I’ve decided to discontinue providing Torquay United match updates after the last match of this season. While I enjoy live match tweeting as much as ever, changes in my life have meant that I’m no longer able to attend anywhere near enough matches to provide credible commentary and it’s just not as much fun without being able to watch events unfold in person.

At this point in time I intend to keep the blog and Twitter account active, but will instead focus on more detailed Gulls analysis than I’m able to justify on my Experimental 361 blog.

I’ve had a brilliant time doing this for the past few seasons, making some great friends and having some unforgettable experiences along the way.

If anyone is thinking that they might like to pick up where I left off, then I’ll be happy to alert my followers and wish you the very best of luck – it’s a massive amount of fun and incredibly rewarding.

Thanks for following, reading and engaging!



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