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A short film about football and Twitter

The 14th is finally upon us, so there’s no further need for the irritatingly coy secrecy of my previous post.

Last year, one of my KPMG colleagues kindly nominated my Torquay United tweeting to be featured in an online campaign based on the interesting and diverse passions that our employees follow outside of work. To my surprise they chose me as 1 of the 4 people to have a film made about them, which resulted in a 6-strong film crew descending on Plainmoor for the match against Barnet on 9th December.

The film is intended to convey both the magical appeal of lower league football and the power of Twitter to keep fans connected to their local clubs. I’m in it quite a lot, for which I can only apologise:

Although it’s ultimately a corporate video, the bit where I’m transported into a studio and stuffed into a suit to talk about how it links in to my job doesn’t happen until near the end.

The whole thing was shot in glorious HD, so it’s definitely worth tweaking the settings to select the highest resolution your machine can handle (using the little cog icon in the bottom right which appears once the video starts playing). This will make the numerous floating ‘tweets’ that appear a lot sharper. The film includes an abundance of footage from Plainmoor and features contributions from as many Gulls fans as we were able to cram in.

You can also check out the KPMG micro-site on which the video is hosted, in addition to some behind the scenes content and links. For those unable or unwilling to rummage through the various clips, my ‘behind the scenes’ video is here:

This was easily one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences of my life to date, for which I have to profoundly thank KPMG Risk Consulting for investing in this project and the Fletcher Wilson crew for bringing it to life with such excellence and flair. A special mention should go to Tim Herbert, Torquay’s Media Officer, who was instrumental in arranging the access we needed to make this whole thing happen.

Happy viewing, and please share the video if you’ve enjoyed it – the micro-site contains all the usual ‘share’ buttons for Twitter, Facebook etc.

Many thanks : )


Note: I’m aware that it’s been a bit quiet on the blog recently, however I’ve been very busy over at Experimental361 so you may well enjoy some of the stuff over there.


2 comments on “A short film about football and Twitter

  1. David Powling
    February 18, 2012

    Brilliant film – really well done
    Love your analyses – all the things I think to do but can’t be arsed! So well done you!

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