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Watch this space

Starting on Wednesday and running through until Sunday, @dannybrothers, @maxihobbs and I will be co-publishing a detailed preview of the 2011/12 League 2 season as follows:

Wednesday 27th: We each publish previews of 2 teams on our respective blogs, making 6 in total. Each team’s preview will include a summary of their:

  • Performance last season
  • Summer transfer activity
  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • Key players
  • Outlook for the season ahead

Thursday 28th – Saturday 30th: Another 6 teams will be previewed in this manner for each of the next 3 days, completing the 24.

Sunday 31st: We’ll cap the whole thing off by publishing a predicted final table and some thoughts on how the season might play out. This will no doubt including some petty bickering where our individual predictions disagree. We’ll then be revisiting these predictions throughout the season to determine which, if any, of us possesses genuine psychic powers.


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This entry was posted on July 25, 2011 by in predictions, preview.
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