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Player contributions in 2010/11

One output of the statistical analysis I’ve been doing for Experimental 3-6-1 is some interesting data on player contributions. The table below shows the points won, goals scored and goals conceded by Torquay in league matches featuring each player, sorted in that order. For example, taking the first row: Ronan Murray played in 7 matches, during which the team won an average of 2.14 points, scored an average of 2 goals and conceded an average of 0.71 goals per game.

While these numbers alone are far from the sum total of any player’s contribution, and in any event there will invariably have been 10 other Torquay players on the pitch with him, they’re interesting nonetheless.

Notice anything (apart from the questionable formatting)? 7 of the top 8 players by points contribution were loanees, suggesting that we were incredibly canny at spotting players who could make an immediate difference to the side. Leaving aside those who only played a handful of games (their averages are statistically less reliable), it highlights the telling contribution made by Stanley, Robinson and Tomlin towards our success last season.

Notice anything else? None of the top 11 are still here! This season indeed looks to be one of transition, but fortunately we have no shortage of young players able to step up and take the team forward. I predict that this will be a big year for Kee, Oastler, O’Kane and Halpin, who all have the talent to be at the top of this table in 10 months’ time.


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