Greenwich Gull

A League 2 blog with an overwhelmingly pro-Torquay United bias


Long-time readers of this blog and those of you following me on Twitter will have noticed that an increasing proportion of my output has become devoted to experimental analysis and predictive previews of matches involving clubs other than Torquay United.

While I’ve no intention of ceasing my coverage of the mighty Gulls, I’m aware that fellow Torquay fans following me may not necessarily be interested in reading swathes of excitable analysis on the other 71 Football League clubs. Likewise, people who’ve happened upon one of my various analyses and chosen to follow me as a result are probably not overjoyed by the deluge of updates from Plainmoor clogging their timelines of a Saturday afternoon.

I’ve decided to address this by splitting my Twitter and blogging personae into two separate accounts. This blog and my original @GreenwichGull Twitter account will remain as the outlet for my Torquay-themed ravings, while a new blog – – and accompanying Twitter account – @experimental361 – have been created to house the burgeoning analytical portion of my output.

If you choose to follow and read both I’ll obviously be delighted, but I suspect that the majority of you may have a distinct preference and therefore it’s only fair to offer you the choice of which incarnation to follow. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll continue to do so.


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