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Shooting in Championship & League 1

Just a quick post this morning in response to people asking to see the Championship and League 1 versions of this one I did for League 2. I don’t have as much data for these divisions (yet), but I have managed to produce the following graphs, which essentially provide a visualisation of how many shots each team takes on average and what proportion actually hit the target.


Usually these graphs broadly correlate to how teams performed in the league table, but there are some interesting exceptions here. Coventry had a forgettable season but fired in a lot of shots, which explains their low position in this graph of attacking efficiency. At the other end, Forest’s play-off finish looks to have been the result of a lethally efficient attack as few sides mustered less efforts at goal. Checking back to the post I just linked to, you’ll see that only Watford’s front line is better at converting chances in the Championship.

League 1:

There are a few surprises here too, with MK Dons’ own play-off place having been achieved despite registering the fewest shots on goal, suggesting a patient style of play and not pulling the trigger wastefully. Southampton and Peterborough’s promotions look to be the result of all-action performances in which they battered opponents into submission with a relentless barrage of shots. It’s interesting that Dag & Red and Plymouth place so highly given their relegation – clearly it wasn’t for the want of trying!


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