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Could we see the Gulls on Picklive?

One of my guilty pleasures is the occasional flutter on the excellent Picklive which, for those of you unfamiliar with it, offers a unique and enjoyable live fantasy football experience. On Tuesday morning I cheekily asked via Twitter whether they’d consider covering any of the League 2 playoff matches, and was met with a challenge. If 25 Gulls fans sign up to Picklive, they’ll add the 2nd leg of our semi final match against Shrewsbury.

Seeing as they rarely cover anything below the top flight, this is a tantalising opportunity to get the club some national exposure and, if a success, could even lead to them covering more lower league games in future. They’ll count anyone registering a team with “Gulls” in the title and are giving me regular updates on how many people sign up, which I’ll edit into this post.

Please spread the word to all the Torquay fans you know!

Just to be absolutely clear, I don’t get any kind of kickback for getting people to sign up. I had my qualms about even pursuing this as I’m technically encouraging people to gamble, but then again you’re all capable of making your own informed decisions! What I will say is that as there’s no guarantee that 25 people will join, or even that they’ll ever cover another lower league match again, it’s probably only worth signing up if it’s something you’d be interested in playing for top level matches.

LATEST UPDATE: as of Thursday afternoon, we’ve got 5 of the 25 required Gulls fans, with 7 days left until the match. Also, the quest got a mention in the official Picklive email:

The post on the Picklive fanzine is here

The thread I started on (which also includes links to the Picklive FAQ and excerpts from my Twitter conversation) is here


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