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League 2: how easy are each team’s remaining games?

I did some Excel tinkering earlier in an attempt to determine the relative difficulty of each League 2 team’s remaining games. For each side, I looked at the average points tally of their remaining opponents, the number of games they had left to play and how many of these were at home (usually a good thing unless you’re Hereford). Obviously this isn’t perfect as it ignores current form, but a team’s overall points total at this late stage of the season is still a reasonable proxy for the degree of menace they present. I also haven’t bothered to correlate opponents’ positions with whether the matches are home or away (for example, playing 5th placed Gillingham at your own ground is significantly easier than taking them on at Priestfield).

The resulting table (below) ranks each team on the apparent ease of their end of season run-in. Annoyingly 6 of the 7 ‘easiest’ finishes belong to sides who’ll be challenging Torquay for promotion, while the Gulls’ own remaining matches look relatively horrific. Equally enraging for Barnet and Stockport fans, their quest to escape relegation is encumbered by their tricky finish to the season, particularly compared to that of 3rd bottom Burton. Make of it what you will:



One comment on “League 2: how easy are each team’s remaining games?

  1. Mike
    April 8, 2011

    I am a Barnet fan and would really like to cling to league status. Has the latest run of results affected Barnet’s position?

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