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I still retain a glimmer of prescience

While my match predictions have been woeful of late, I was able to call one thing right today:

The excellent Mark Pougatch was covering the Torquay game today and after reading his observation of a dire first half performance I replied: @markpougatch Buckle will probably throw on Billy Kee after 55 minutes and you’ll see a different side

He actually read this out on air, and fortunately for me (having observed Buckle’s methods for some time) I wasn’t far off. You can listen to it here for the next few days at least (at 1:17.56 and 1:28.36), but I have vainly transcribed it for posterity:

at 1:17.56:
“I’ve had a tweet here which says “Paul Buckle with throw Billy Kee on after 55 minutes and you’ll see a different side then” … so that sounds like someone who knows his Torquay United”

and later at 1:28.36 when Kee came on:
“And whoever sent that text was absolutely … almost exactly spot on. He was 2 minutes out. Because Billy Kee is coming on and he is replacing … Nicky Wroe in central midfield”

Frustratingly I didn’t get my name or Twitter alias read out on air, but still it was rather nice of him to acknowledge me. Thanks to Neil Maidment for drawing it to my attention!


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